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Public commission
Site specific installation

currently under public survey and consideration

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Livermorium Plaza / Livermore CA

commission: City of Livermore

Materials:  Stainless Steel, dichroic glass, LED luminaires

Electron shell of the Livermorium element is a unique pattern. Lv116 sculpture replaces the spherical representations of this pattern with square ones; another basic form of geometry. The design divides the electrons into two mirrored groups. The aim of this division is to visually refer to calcium and curium, two elements that were used to create Livermorium. And also represent the two laboratories that discovered element #116.

The artwork consist of extruded squares that generate tubular forms which are welded together that form a structure that is similar to an electron shell. By changing the orientation of the tubes we are able to use the same design element to create a dynamic and colorful sculpture.

To take advantage of the multiple orientations of the forms and to colorize both the sculpture and the environment, dichromatic glass panels are inserted into the tubes. The 6” x 6” laminated glass tubes are welded together to create building blocks that are see-through, 12 to 13 feet high and will appear different at every viewing angle. During the day, the sculpture will reflect California sunlight into hundreds of little colored lights as if the sculpture itself is a cyclotron. Artificial lights will activate the artwork after dark. 


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